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fix add user

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Anisan committed Sep 4, 2019
1 parent 9f3e08c commit f77b210a3dc4b97026998ea05c841bf7faecb376
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@@ -39,18 +39,25 @@
global $admin;
if($rec['ADMIN']!=1) $rec['ADMIN']=0;
global $history;
if($rec['HISTORY']!=1) $rec['HISTORY']=0;
global $history_level;
if($rec['HISTORY_LEVEL']=='') $rec['HISTORY_LEVEL']=0;
global $cmd;
if($rec['CMD']!=1) $rec['CMD']=0;
global $patterns;
if($rec['PATTERNS']!=1) $rec['PATTERNS']=0;
global $download;
if($rec['DOWNLOAD']!=1) $rec['DOWNLOAD']=0;
global $play;
if($rec['PLAY']!=1) $rec['PLAY']=0;
global $select_member;

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