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Trusted document sharing on a trustless ledger. Using IPFS + Ethereum.
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Encrypton was designed and developed to be an easy solution to document credentialization and authentication on a public ledger. It offers a convenient way for individuals to encrypt and share files over IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) using the Ethereum and client-side AES-256 encryption.

PS. Anish Agnihotri and Ryan Ouyang pair programmed the entire project on Anish's laptop, hence why Ryan does not have any commits.


The idea for Encrypton stemmed from the conspicious lack of platforms to share private data in a secure and safe manner. With an ever developing world, it's become increasingly evident that documents on the cloud are the future. But, with platforms like Google Drive & Dropbox, it's difficult to trust large private corporations with such sensitive data. That's where Encrypton comes in with our easy to use platform for secure file storage (on IPFS) and transfer.


Starting the Encrypton platform is as simple as running a few commands in your terminal:

  1. Start the backend server by navigating to /backend, installing the dependencies with npm install and then starting it up with npm start.
  2. Start the React frontend server by navigating to /frontend, installing the dependencies with npm install and then starting it up with npm start.
  3. Start the encryption frontend and server by navigating to /frontend/dashboard, and running these three commands: ipfs daemon, embark blockchain, and embark run. Do note, embark@2.6.9 installed globally and geth are dependencies.
  4. Finally, make sure you have the Metamask plugin and are authenticated on the Ropsten test network.

Fancy screesnhots of it working

Landing Page Landing page. Encrypt Documents Encrypt Documents page. View Encrypted Documents View encrypted documents page. IPFS Explorer IPFS unencrypted file explorer page. Network Statistics Network statistics page. Documentation Page Documentation page.

Next Steps

A user-first unified platform to host documents and identification that users can choose to easily share with government organizations and other companies for short periods of times.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for future updates!

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