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The hip browser-only Ethereum IDE and runtime environment.
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⚠️Warning: Venti is currently a Work-In-Progress (WIP), as a hobby project of @anish-agnihotri. Until first stable release, project may not be buildable or feature-complete.

Venti is the hip browser-only Ethereum IDE and runtime environment for Solidity + Vyper. It's exposes a minimalist user interface with the aim of being clean, simple, and comfortable for developers (especially, those new to blockchain).

Venti is written completely in JavaScript and is extremely efficient. It's lightweight and can be installed with a few commands on any environment (Docker support soon).

Functionality is built with the mind-set of expanding Remix while optimizing core functionalities for ease and simplicity.


Running Venti

There are a variety of ways to run Venti.

Running Locally

It is extremely easy to develop Venti. To run Venti locally in development mode it's only 4 simple steps:

  1. Run git clone
  2. Change directory via cd ide/
  3. Run yarn
  4. Run yarn start

Building from source

It is also very easy to build Venti from source. To run Venti locally it's only 5 simple steps:

  1. Run git clone
  2. Change directory via cd ide/
  3. Run yarn
  4. Run yarn build
  5. Run yarn start

Running with Docker

Coming soon; stay tuned.


Venti is built to be run completely in a modern browser environment. Core functionality is built on the frameworking of React, Undux for hyper-simplified type-safe state management, and Ethers.js for Ethereum utilities in JavaScript.

Additionally, the platform relies heavily upon ace as a standalone code editor (via react-ace), react-tabs for multi-file editor management, and ace-mode-solidity for Solidity language support (soon, Vyper too).

Full feature-set + architecture to be updated upon release.



Venti is licensed under the MIT license.

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