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rTorrent (with IPv6 support) & ruTorrent installation script
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bash -c "$(wget --no-check-certificate -qO-"
rtinst -$opinions -v $rtorrentVERSION -u $USERNAME -p $PASSWORD -w $WEBPASSWORD 
rtinst -tfylmi -v 0.9.4 -u aniverse -p kinots74212 -w rutmypa44  
  • -t Do NOT change SSH port
  • -f Set FTP port to 21
  • -y Force yes to all the questions
  • -l Enable logging to ~/rtinst.log
  • -m Install the latest master build of rutorrent
  • -i Enable IPv6 for rTorrent and libtorrent-rakshasa
  • -u Name the user to be primary rtorrent user
  • -p Set the unix password
  • -w Set the web password for the user
  • -v Set the rTorrent version you would like to be installed


  • New Opinions
    Using -i opinion to enable IPv6 support
    Using -f opinion to set FTP port to 21
    Using -t opinion to keep the old SSH port
    Using -v opinion to select the rtorrent version to be installed

  • ruTorrent plugins and themes
    Install club-QuickBox theme
    Install MaterialDesign theme
    Install Filemanager plugin
    Install Fileshare plugin
    Install Mediastream plugin
    Install sox for ruTorrent plugin spectrogram
    Install python cfscrape module for ruTorrent plugin CloudFlare
    Install GeoIP2 plugin instead of GeoIP
    Enable m2ts support for screenshots plugin
    Set min rss interval to 0.1 minutes

  • Install h5ai as file indexer

  • Install ffmpeg 4.1 from static builds

  • Install rar, unrar 5.6.1

  • Tweak rTorrent default settings

  • Do NOT disable root login

  • Raised open file limits to 666666

  • Setup Nginx Reverse Proxy for Deluge, qBittorrent, Transmission, Flood and Flexget

  • Set SCGIServerTimeout to 60


The original README
The detailed user guide
The detailed installation guide

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