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Mine Zcash and auto convert to NANO all in an easy to use GUI! Payouts are every 24 hours as long as you have 25 valid shares!

Just select your GPU, put in what your cost per kWh, and enter your NANO address! Dont have a NANO Address? Head over to for free!

Want to mine with your CPU at the same time? Want to mine on your work computer? head over to!

FLPool fee is 1%, and my fee is 1%.

Be sure to follow me on twitter to get updates and payout times!

New in 2.1

  • New server

New in 2.0

  • New UI!!
  • Balance saves every hour
  • Added Nano/day
  • 3% payout increase
  • improved SOL/s accuracy!

New in 1.4.2

  • Fixed bug where multiple machines mining to the same address wouldnt get paid out.

New in 1.4

  • Fixed bug where nano mined counter would stop for a split second while retrieving stats.
  • Fixed Language issue where commas were not being parsed correctly
  • Profit/day only shows when rev/day has been calculated
  • Enabled autoResize
  • Fixed bug where accpeted counter reset when start was pressed.
  • Small UI changes

New in 1.3

  • Versions after 1.3 will keep settings
  • UI changes
  • Added approx. payout time
  • Autopay is always on and will attempt payout every hour after approx payout time
  • Better Debug log
  • Added Payout Log
  • Miner auto restarts if it shutdown unexpectedly and stop button was not pressed