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NOTE: This project is dead. It was created ages ago when there was no easy way to track mutual fund prices. I don't use it anymore, since you can easily query Google Finance and grab the price.

amfiquery is simple utility for anyone investing in Indian Mutual Funds, and who interested in tracking their Net Asset Values.

It just periodically reads and parses, and provides an API to query the current NAV of any mutual fund you're interested in.

Just hit the URL:

to get the NAV of the fund with that scheme code. That URL is for SBI MAGNUM TAXGAIN SCHEME 1993 - GROWTH, for example.


  • A simple method to get mutual fund meta-info that I'm storing (name, NAV, repurchase price, sale price, etc).
  • A method to lookup/list mutual fund scheme codes.
  • Maybe even capture historical information? Right now I'm just storing the latest available NAV.

The application runs on the Google App Engine, and is open-source (under the GPL v3 license). I had created this application for my own personal use (and as a sort of experiment). Use it at your own risk.

You can find the source code on github, at

— Ankit Solanki •