An appengine application, to save one's draft blog posts and allow friends to review them.
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Welcome to copy-editor

I’ve been suffering from writer’s block for some time. It is probably because I don’t have much to say anymore, but it does give me a good excuse to write this application.

copy-editor is an application that helps you write. I’m not sure yet the direction this will go, or even if I’ll finish it, but it’s bound to be an interesting ride.

It is built on the Google AppEngine, and is running live at You may want to give it a try, but keep in mind that it’s very much in development for now, and you may lose any data you save.

For now, I want the application to:

  • Provide a place to store my draft posts.
  • Allow me to nominate ‘editors’ for each post, and let these editors take a peek at my writing, and hopefully give me their thoughts/suggestions/etc.

Some thoughts for the future:

  • Keep track of post revisions.
  • Integrate with my blog, and do a one-click publish.
  • Use those cool ‘line comments’ similar to the Django Book.

— Ankit Solanki