A collection of useful functions to make mobile prototyping with Framer easier.
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Shortcuts for Framer 3

A collection of useful functions to make mobile prototyping with Framer easier. For full reference, check our annotated source code in shortcuts.coffee.

How to use with Framer Studio

  • Create a new Framer project
  • Download shortcuts.coffee and put it in the modules folder of the project
  • At the top of your code, write shortcuts = require "shortcuts"


  • After importing your PSD/Sketch layers, call initialize to create global Javascript variables for every layer for quick access:
myLayers = Framer.Importer.load "..."
  • This will let you access PSD["My Layer"] as simply My_Layer
  • Note that some Javascript variable names are reserved and using them as layer names can cause problems.
  • layer.originalFrame stores the initial position and size of each exported layer, so you can easily revert back to them later


  • layer.animateTo({x: 100}, [time], [curve], [callback]) is a shorthand that mirrors jQuery's animation syntax. You can specify a duration, curve and callback in order, and omit the ones you'd like. Note that in Framer 3, time is now specified in seconds.
  • layer.slideFromLeft() layer.slideToLeft() (and similarly Right, Bottom, Top) are quick animation functions to animate full screen layers in and out of the viewport. Very useful for prototyping mobile flows.
  • layer.show() layer.hide() shows and hides layers.
  • layer.fadeIn() layer.fadeOut() fades in/out layers with an animation. You can use a custom duration too: layer.fadeIn(0.5)
  • show, hide, fadeIn and fadeOut can take layers or arrays containing layers.


  • Free hover and tap/click states: append touchable to a group's name, and include children that have hover and down in their name. Events will be automatically bound to show these hover and tap/click states.
  • Shortcut: instead of layer.on('touchup', function() {}) use layer.tap(function() {}). This also works with mouse events.
  • Shortcut: instead of layer.on('mouseover', function() {}); layer.on('mouseout', function() {}); use layer.hover(function() {}, function() {})

Display in Device

  • Has been removed since this functionality got added Framer core


  • layer.getChild('name') and layer.getChildren('name') retrieve the children of a layer by name. Useful when traversing the layer hierarchy.
  • Framer.utils.convertRange is deprecated in favor of the native Utils.modulate. Check Framer docs on how to use modulate.


All the animation functions use curves and times that can be customized. Check the very top of shortcuts.js to see all the options.


Feel free to contact the project's maintainer, Cemre Gungor, on gem-at-fb-dot-com or @gem_ray on Twitter.