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Anna is a community driven ambitious virtual assistant on Google Chrome to help people Automate actions using Voice. 🐘

Sounds boring. Let's try again.

Meet Anna, your very own personal assistant on Google Chrome Webstore. It will make your life so effort less. You don't have to open broswer and type your broswer what to do. Instead just talk to your computer, like it is your best friend.

It won't do everything, but it will reduce the time to do certain things. You want to take a screenshot, say "hey, screenshot". You want to open a website like facebook, say "hey, open facebook". It can do so much more. When you have a voice, speak up. Don't type.

Anna is still in alpha, that means she is still learning and won't work sometimes. But if you love the idea, you could make her amazing. You can teach her things, help others teach her things or just installing her and giving us your valuable feedback and ideas. Dicuss on Product hunt about Anna.

If you love to support Anna consider Buying me a Coffee to help build Anna. You support can go a long away. Lets not make all the assistants owned by big MNC, lets build our own and make tech better. ⭐️

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Watch Anna in action on Youtube:

Watch on Youtube

More videos on Youtube.


You can talk to us on Zulip or Tweet or comment on issues to contribute.

A few examples of what can be done

All you need to do is say "Hey" before your requests. Feel free to add to this list.

Function What to say
Screenshot Hey, take a screenshot
Translate Hey, translate bonjour
Directions Hey, Delhi to Mumbai
Music Hey, play Whatever it takes
Open Websites Hey, open facebook
Close tabs Hey, close
Bookmark Hey, bookmark
Show Download Hey, downloads
History Hey, history
Reload Hey, reload
Incognito mode Hey, safe mode
Play random video on Youtube Hey, play Whatever it Takes
To divide 10 by 2 Hey, 10 divided by 2
Weather of your Current location Hey, what is the weather?
Weather of New Delhi Hey, what is the weather in New Delhi?
Draft email with the message Hey, mail life is awesome
open up Twitter and post "life is awesome" Hey, post life is awesome

You can also, ask a joke, have a conversation, and much, much more. To find a full list of Anna's functions click here