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Spryker Code Sniffer
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Spryker Code Sniffer

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Usage in Spryker projects

Make sure you include the sniffer as require-dev dependency:

composer require --dev spryker/code-sniffer

The Development bundle provides a convenience command:

vendor/bin/console code:sniff

To automatically fix fixable errors, use

vendor/bin/console code:sniff -f

-v is useful for more info output. To run only a specific sniff, use the -s option.

You can also manually invoke the phpcs/phpcbf commands:

vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=vendor/spryker/code-sniffer/Spryker/ruleset.xml    

Writing new sniffs

Add them to the corresponding category inside Sniffs folder and add tests in tests with the same folder structure.

To run all sniffs on themselves, use

vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=Spryker/ruleset.xml ./Spryker/Sniffs -v -s

Don't forget to test your changes:

php phpunit.phar

Using own project standard

You can exchange or extend the Spryker coding standard by providing your own ruleset.xml. This can be configured in the Development bundle config:

// DevelopmentConfig.php

     * Either a relative or full path to the ruleset.xml or a name of an installed
     * standard (see `phpcs -i` for a list of available ones).
     * @return string
    public function getCodingStandard()
        return '/path/to/your/ruleset.xml';
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