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Google Homepage Clone

A non-functional clone of the Google Homepage. Alt text View live webpage here.


This webpage was created as the final project in "The Front End" sub-section of the "Web Development 101" section of The Odin Project curriculum. The purpose of the project was to practice writing and editing basic HTML and CSS, as well as to practice using Git and the Google Chrome developer tools.

Technology used



This webpage mimics the appearance of the true Google Homepage, including many of the CSS hover styles.


None of the buttons are functional, there is no favicon, and I was not yet able to figure out how to insert the microphone icon into the search box.

Upgrades for the future

To improve the clone, I would need to add a favicon as well as the microphone icon in the search box. I would also need to add a hover event to the "I'm Feeling Lucky" search button.

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