Materials for Bits and Bots workshop
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Part 1 - Intro to 3D Design
Part 2 - Intro to Electronics
Part 3 - Intro to Coding
Part 4 - Intermediate Design
Part 5 - Intemediate coding
Part 6 - Advanced

Bits & Bots

Materials for Bits and Bots workshop running at The Edge May - June 2014 (materials will be added as course progresses)

  • Part 1: Intro to 3D Robot Design - Creating basic robot parts using Sketchup
  • Part 2: Intro to Electronics - Design your robot circuit
  • Part 3: Intro to NodeBots Programming - Write NodeJS programs to read from sensors and control actuators
  • Part 4: Intermediate 3D Design - Design a robot claw / arm
  • Part 5: Intermediate Programming - Develop locomotion, sensing and responding behaviours
  • Part 6: Advanced NodeBots - Putting everything together to build your bot

Unless otherwise noted, materials are provided under a CC-BY license.