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Chitter 0.1

This website is my implementation of a twitter-like website. It is the weekend challenge of week 4 at the coding bootcamp Makers Academy.

You can find a live-preview online at:

Technologies used

  • HTML / CSS
  • Ruby
  • Sinatra
  • PostreSQL
  • deployed to Heroku
  • Tested with: Rspec, Capybara


User can sign up

  • required fields are: First name, last name, username, password and password confirmation
  • email address has to be in a valid format and unique
  • username must be unique
  • password must match password confirmation
  • password is encrypted using BCrypt gem

User can sign in

  • user can sign in with their email address and password
  • if details are incorrect, they will see a notice

User can sign out

  • user can sign out
  • they see a confirmation after logging out

User can post peeps

  • when user is signed in they can post peeps

Display of peeps

  • sorted newest to oldest
  • have a timestamp & the name of the author


Database: Postgresql, which can be installed by using homebrew's brew install postgres. For instructions on installing homebrew, click here:

This website runs on Ruby (brew install ruby) and the web framework Sinatra(gem install sinatra).

You will also need to have bundler installed: gem install bundler, and then run it before running the programme by typing: bundle.

Running it

After everything is set up, you can run the tests by entering rspec in you terminal. The test frameworks are Rspec (unit tests) and Capybara (feature tests).

To run the website locally, type rackup in your terminal window and go to http://localhost:9292 your browser and you can try out all the features.


Annemarie Kohler