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We did cool 3DP things


  1. Gasherbrum-K3 Gasherbrum-K3 Public

    Open Air or Fully Enclosed, Small Format, Moving Bed, CartesianXY, FDM 3D Printer with Direct Drive Extrusion System

    355 55

  2. TradRack TradRack Public

    A MMU system developed by ANNEX Engineering

    Python 419 25

  3. Sherpa_Mini-Extruder Sherpa_Mini-Extruder Public

    A smaller version of the sherpa extruder, direct and bowden supported

    668 88

  4. Annex-Engineering_User_Mods Annex-Engineering_User_Mods Public

    mods created by users of ANNEX Engineering printers

    Python 157 65

  5. klipper_estimator klipper_estimator Public

    Rust 264 27

  6. Constellation Constellation Public

    a series of control boards from ANNEX Engineering

    20 4


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