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GitHub Spray

npm license

GitHub Spray logo

A CLI to generate sprays for your GitHub contribution history graph


npm i -g github-spray


  • Git
  • Recent NodeJS


  1. Create a new GitHub repository and copy its url
github-spray -t <text> --multiplier <factor> --push --origin <github_repository_url>


github-spray -t hello --multiplier 10 --push --origin https://github.com/John/hello.git

Depending on your number of contributions on the given period that you want to spray, you will need to multiply the number of commit per day by a specific factor (--multiplier) so that the spray become more relevant on your calendar heatmap.

github-spray --help


github-spray -t <text> --font <font_name>


github-spray -t Wald0 --font portable_vengeance

github-spray -t Mario? --font mario


Fonts available are in the fonts folder

Invert colors

github-spray -t hello -i

Flip vertical

github-spray -t hello --flipvertical

Flip horizontal

github-spray -t hello --fliphorizontal

Custom pattern

To use a custom pattern, create a JSON file like follow.
The numbers (1 to 4) will determine the number of commit per day, and thus the green's darkness.

    "  333  ",
    " 3   3 ",
    "3 2 2 3",
    "3     3",
    "3 222 3",
    " 3   3 ",
    "  333  "

github-spray -f <path/to/pattern.json> ...

You can use GitHub Spray Generator to graphically draw patterns

Custom start date

github-spray --startdate YYYY-MM-DD ...

The date will be rounded to the nearest sunday.
By default the start date is the nearest sunday of the current date - 53 weeks.

Multiplier: scale colors

github-spray -m <factor> ...

Multiply the number of commit per day by the given factor to make the spray darker or brighter on your calendar heatmap.

Known issues