Annotum Bare Bones Installation Instructions

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Annotum Bare-Bones Installation Instructions

Note: assumes SSH/shell access to your WordPress site.

Here are some notes about installing WordPress and Annotum on a new site, as well as migrating from one WP site to another.

Note minimum requirements:

  • WordPress version 3.3

  • PHP 5.2.4 (including libxml 2.6.29 or higher)

  • MySQL 5.0 or higher

Important: this is not a script to run, but rather a series of steps. Be sure to use commands, paths, and other elements appropriate to your system configuration.

Fresh Install

  1. Set up Apache and MySQL
    • Locate the home directory for the web server, for example /path/to/html, and the URL, for example http://annoutm.local
    • Create an empty database, and create a db user with read/write access to it, for example the database could be called annotum and the database user annotum_usr. Choose a strong password for the user.
  2. Obtain and install Wordpress
    • $ cd /path/to/html
    • $ wget (until WordPress 3.3 is released, use
    • $ unzip
    • If you want your installation in the root of your web site, move the files up a level from the wordpress directory: $ mv wordpress/* .
  3. Browse to http://annotum.local or http://annotum.local/wordpress.
    • You will be prompted for the database server, database name, database user, and database password.
    • If your MySQL installation is running on a non-standard port, include the port number in the database server entry, for example `MySQL.local:8889'
    • This step will create a wp-config.php file with the new db connection information
  4. Continue and select an admin username and password. WordPress should set itself up.
  5. Install the Annotum theme
    • Download the Annotum theme files to your local computer
    • Log into your new WordPress installation, and navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New
    • Choose upload and install the annotum-base and current themes via the corresponding zip files. You can use either one, but note that annotum-base must be installed to use Annotum.
  6. Activate the Annotum theme (for example, Current) and set Annotum settings as desired (see the "Theme Setup" section of the Beta release notes for more information).

Migrating to a new site (from one WP site to another)

On Old Site:

  1. Export all tables to a plain text SQL file.
  2. Search/replace old-url with new-url e.g., replace '' with ''
  3. Backup uploads to zip file.

On New Site

  1. Clean out everything - drop tables from db and rm -rf all files (keep .htaccess if desired)
  2. wget
  3. tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for any relevant plugins or themes.
  5. Move files from wordpress folder to appropriate place (e.g. mv wordpress/* html)
  6. Create a wp-config.php file with the new db connection information
  7. Connect to the db and import the modified sql from the old site
  8. Copy the uploads to the new location, probably /wp-content/uploads
  9. Double check the admin and theme settings.