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Annotum release notes v1.02

carlthewebmaster edited this page · 2 revisions

Here is a brief changelog for Annotum v1.02:

Key Changes:

  • Autosave and revisions now functioning properly
  • Much cleaner XML output
  • Added link to thumbnails - figure images now clickable
  • User Permissions changes: Authors, Co-authors, and reviewers now see only 'their' articles in listings; cannot preview others' articles, etc.

The following issues are closed or fixed:

  • #11 (author can see reviewer's comments)
  • #17 (autosave issues)
  • #19 (blockquotes)
  • #20 (space after tag gets removed)
  • #21 (cursor "stuck" after inserting reference)
  • #22 (content outside of <p> or <sec>)
  • #23 (<p> tags stripped from posts - not articles)
  • #24 (table labels)
  • #25 (figures not linked to original graphic or URL)
  • #27 (invalid ref ID in XML)
  • #28 (comments imported with malformed dates)
  • #29 (disable non-fucnctional DOI deposit meta box) Note: to be fixed.
  • #30 (formatting dropdown inserts invalid markup - removed)
  • #33 (search text appears in menu bar)
  • #39 (incorrect add_action value generates error on menu admin page - thanks msenateatplos!)
  • #40 (Duplicate images/equations on Single-article XML Import)
  • #41 (Accented character)
  • #42 (Anno_recently widget only shows two items)
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