Annotum release notes v1.1

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Download Annotum 1.1 right here

Special thanks to the Public Library of Science, whose generous support made many of the improvements in version 1.1 possible.

Here is a changelog and bugfix list for Annotum release 1.1:

New Features

  • Article and media listings are now filtered based on user permissions. Please see the detailed user permissions release notes for more information.
  • Revamped PDF Output; DOMPDF updated to 0.6.0 beta 3.
    • Full citation, author affiliation(s), logo at top, site name in footer all included
    • Significantly improved formatting and image handling
    • Better support for international character sets
  • Equations can now be edited. Once the equation has been inserted in the article editor, hover over the equation image, click on it to edit the equation and alt text.
  • Major revisions functionality (Clone). Major article revsions (aka clones) are now tracked as 'related articles' on the published site, XML, and RSS feeds.
    • New dropdown selector to choose edition of article to view.
    • Articles can be cloned only once (you can clone a clone)
    • Non-editors cannot change the title of a cloned article
  • Additional Profile fields and merged user / Annotum profile (edit user) pages. Fields appear in author snapshot (mouseover) and XML output
    • Required: First Name, Last Name [Note workaround: enter other fields, save, refresh page]
    • Optional: Name Prefix, Name Suffix, Department, Institution, City, State, Country
    • Note: Optional fields appear on user-edit page, not user-new page.
  • Notifications updated. Various notifications modified/added; admins get more notifications. Updated notifications matrix

* Added DOI prefix (optional site setting. Append DOI prefix to DOI hash, use ```.``` as a separator. New Format: 10.```registrant-code```/```prefix```.```article-hash``` or ```10.112211/annotum.test.4f6cf3e8df15a``` * Review submissions now require clicking the `submit` button. Reduces unintentional submission of reviews. * Author information for a published article can now be edited via a new meta box which contains all author-related data for the article The author list can be reordered, and author data can be manually edited: Name, Prefix, Suffix, Institution, Department, City, State, Country. You can also manually add a new author, or remove an existing author. Also, once an article is published, the default 'author' meta box is removed. * Various editor tweaks and other fixes: - Apply min-width to body editor metabox; min height to abstract metabox - There is a new 'add section' button on the editor toolbar, ``````. It works the same as the existing ```ctrl+esc``` keyboard shortcut. - Don't try to get clones when workflow is disabled. - Gracefully handle TinyMCE instances during metabox reordering with WordPress v3.5 (fix for [issue #53]( - Facebook 'like' button fixed - Fix for insert-image issues that arose with WordPress v3.5 (insert image fixed, always show 'Full Size' image option)
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