Beta 1 known issues

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Annotum Beta 1 - known issues

Note: numbering is from an off-site list. The order shown below is a rough priority order for fixing / revisiting the issues listed.

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5. References

Development complete (requirements to be finalized):

  • 5.03: DOI generation for articles (same setting for user/pass) - add to XML output
    • Syntax: {PREFIX}{POST_ID} (needs prefix custom setting)
    • Output DOI on widget (not random generated)
    • Deposit: only for editors/admins once 'Published'

2. Sections

Development scheduled:

  • 2.04: Sections should be able to 'nest' (sub-headings)

6. TinyMCE general

Bugs assigned:

  • 6.19: HTTP error when attempting to insert equations
  • 6.20: the Paragraph/Title/Section drop-down selections don't do anything
  • 6.21: Various 3.3 compatibility testing and TinyMCE bugs

Bugs to revisit:

  • 6.13: Lists are now breaking out of all the parent when trying to insert
  • 6.14: Formatting dropdown has regressed: selecting text and changing format has no effect (or changing to 'section' has undesired effect)
  • 8.07: weird gremlins at end of </media> before </fig> and before </p> (our code? or in TinyMCE?) one is LF one is NBSP, they are in there: the real culprit is the \u00a0 aka Decimal 160 non-breaking space characters
  • 6.15: Remove the 'upload media' button that appears in full screen edit mode?
  • 6.16: Popover dialogs with text overflow hidden (not wrapping?) [Fixed in Beta]
  • 6.17: Firefox: Adding numbers/bullets and then hitting enter does not add the next number/bullet
  • 6.18: Hitting the return key after formatted text (bold, underline, etc) adds a line break instead of new paragraph
  • 6.22: Revisions do not re-insert the right HTML/XML into the TinyMCE editor

7. WordPress Back-end

Bugs assigned:

  • 7.19: Featured Carousel and touts in the base theme ( do not appear when "Current" child theme is activated
  • 7.17: Show default menu links (Main: Home, Secondary: wploginout, Footer: About Annotum to if menus are empty
  • 7.16: Show default widgets (Recently... and Meta) if dynamic sidebars are empty: Default, Page, Article, Masthead
  • 7.09: Bug: if a published article is reverted to draft, the admin does get an email "Test review is complete: Changes requested
  • 7.08: Bug: If no reviewer comment is entered, but the reviewer makes a recommendation (e.g. approve), no email is sent saying 'review entered'...
  • 7.07: Bug: When a reviewer enters a review comment, an email is sent (new reviewer comment on [title]), but only to the commenter
  • 7.03: Re-open a "Quick Edit" article and tags appear stripped, table layout breaks, figures(images) broken: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/ base/plugins/workflow/workflow.php on line 23
  • 7.21: Citation popover box not loading on theme front-end

Bugs to revisit:

  • 7.20: 'Revisions' box not in Screen Options for non-admin (role limitation? WP bug?) I do see the revisions box when editing (non-Article) posts, but the choice isn't even there for Articles. See CFDev20 Screen Shot below: EA: This was intentional, I was pretty sure it was specced this way.
  • 7.06: Edge case: If a reviewer opens an article, and, at nearly the same time the author opens the article..
  • 7.11: Remove (un)approve/spam row actions from comment listing for admin comments
  • 7.12: Remove "status" dropdown from quick edit, swap single category dropdown
  • 7.14: Re-test against theme checker

4. Images / Figures

Bugs to review:

  • 4.09: With larger image sizes, the image floats out of the wrapping fig.
  • 4.10: Remove 'full' from the options in the dialog. (They can always get the full image by clicking.)
  • 4.12: Add option to add link to image (attachment page, image URL, custom URL)

1. Return / Paragraph

Bugs to review:

9. Equations

  • 9.X: "Preview" images has &amp;

Nice to have


  • Filter 'Articles' listing screen based on permissions
  • Sections: can nest sections (titles need to increase a level h2 -> h3 -> h4)


  • Table of contents: built by the sections in the content
  • Add error message is displayed when attempting to insert an Image in the Section Title
  • Comment type indicators on comment listing page
  • Deleted references do not change counts of pre-inserted references (eg: 1 is deleted, 2 does not change to 1)


  • References: ability to add internal references (a table within the article)
  • Keep track of figures on save/autosave, add to internal 'figures' ref list
  • Content rules enforcement (no inline image within a caption, for example)
  • TinyMCE: idea to drag and move items in editor (figure, table)