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Pure.css Press Short Codes

Short Codes for Pure.css Press starter theme

Version: 1

How to use

There are new buttons on the content of post and pages.

  • G Button: Add a Grid - [pure-g]Content[/pure-g]
  • U Button: Add a Unit - [pure-u standard="1" small="" medium="" large="" xlarge="" class=""]Content[/pure-u]
    • standard is equal to pure-u-"number"
    • small is equal to pure-u-sm-"number"
    • medium is equal to pure-u-md-"number"
    • large is equal to pure-u-lg-"number"
    • xlarge is equal to pure-u-xl-"number"
    • class is for any additional classes you want to add, multiple classes can be added.
  • B Button: Add a button - [button href="" class="pure-button-primary"]the button text[/button]
  • T Button: Add a table
    • [table class=""]
    • [thead]
    • [theadcol]Header 1[/theadcol] [theadcol]Header 2[/theadcol] [theadcol]Header 3[/theadcol]
    • [/thead]
    • [tbody]
    • [tbodyrow] [tbodycol]Content1[/tbodycol] [tbodycol]Content2[/tbodycol] [tbodycol]Content3[/tbodycol] [/tbodyrow]
    • [/tbody]
    • [/table]
    • Each row of the table requires a new [tbodyrow]Content[/tbodyrow]


Donovan Maidens ( @Anomalous_Bot / )


WordPress shortcodes for the Pure.css Press Wordpress theme

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