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serverless-bundle Build Status npm

An extension of the serverless-webpack plugin. This plugin bundles your Node.js Lambda functions with sensible defaults so you don't have to maintain your own Webpack configs.

  • Linting via ESLint
  • Caching for faster builds
  • Use ES6 import/export
  • Supports transpiling unit tests with babel-jest
  • Source map support for proper error messages

And all this works without having to install Webpack, Babel, ESLint, etc. or manage any of their configs. Simply add serverless-bundle to your app and you are done!

-    "eslint"
-    "webpack"
-    "@babel/core"
-    "babel-eslint"
-    "babel-loader"
-    "eslint-loader"
-    "@babel/runtime"
-    "@babel/preset-env"
-    "serverless-webpack"
-    "source-map-support"
-    "webpack-node-externals"
-    "eslint-config-strongloop"
-    "@babel/plugin-transform-runtime"
-    "babel-plugin-source-map-support"

+    "serverless-bundle"

You can read more about this over on Serverless Stack.

Getting Started

Install the serverless-bundle plugin using:

$ npm install --save-dev serverless-bundle

Then add it to your serverless.yml.

  - serverless-bundle

To run your tests using the same Babel config used in the plugin add the following to your package.json:

"scripts": {
  "test": "serverless-bundle test"


Once installed and added to your serverless.yml, serverless-bundle will automatically package your functions using Webpack when you run the various serverless commands.


You can configure the following through your serverless.yml.

    sourcemaps: true      # Enable source maps
    caching: true         # Enable Webpack caching
    stats: false          # Don't print out any Webpack output
    linting: true         # Enable linting as a part of the build process
    copyFiles:            # Copy any additional files to the generated package
      - from: 'public/*'    # Where the files are currently
        to: './'            # Where in the package should they go

Advanced Options

  • ESLint

    This plugin uses eslint-config-strongloop. You can override this by placing your own .eslintrc.json with the rules you'd like to use. If you'd like to ignore specific files, you can use a .eslintignore file.

  • Customizing Babel and Webpack configs

    This plugin does not support customizing the Babel and Webpack configs, since serverless-webpack does a pretty good job with that. However, if you think the default config is missing some key features, feel free to open an issue about it.

Updating Options

This plugin enables Webpack caching to speed up builds. Meaning that you'll need to clear the cache when you make a config change. So if you add an .eslintignore file, or change any other option; you'll need to do the following to see your changes take effect.

$ rm -rf node_modules/.cache


  • Open a new issue if you've found a bug or have some suggestions.
  • Or submit a pull request!

Running Locally

To run this project locally, clone the repo and initialize the project.

$ git clone
$ cd serverless-bundle
$ npm install

Run the tests using.

$ npm test

To test the serverless-bundle test command.

$ npm run test-scripts

To install locally in another project.

$ npm install /path/to/serverless-bundle


This plugin would not be possible without the amazing serverless-webpack plugin and the ideas and code from Create React App.

This plugin is maintained by Anomaly Innovations; makers of Seed and Serverless Stack.

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