A TextMate (and Sublime Text) bundle for Twig.
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PHP Twig tmBundle

A TextMate (and Sublime Text) bundle for Twig.


I'd like to thank a few people that have helped me out with the creation of this bundle.

  • taavi for fixing a bug stopping the bundle from actually working in TextMate.
  • DuoSRX for contributing a bunch of snippets.
  • Infininight in #textmate (freenode) for helping me a ton with the rewrite.


This is my first tmbundle and it was made and tested in Sublime Text. Everything should work fine, but if something doesn't please report it and I'll do my best to get it fixed.

I'm also not extremely familiar with TextMate's method of creating language syntaxes. If anyone has any input on optimizing it or on anything else, such as choices in grammar scopes, please feel free to let me know.


TextMate, and most editors that support TextMate bundles, allow the installation of bundles simply by extracting an archive or cloning the repository into the application's bundle directory. This bundle is no different. Below is a list of common bundle directories.

Sublime Text

To install this bundle in Sublime Text, a few extra steps are required.

  1. Open Sublime Text and in the Preferences menu click Browse Packages.
  2. In the directory that was just opened, create a new directory PHP-Twig/.
  3. Move the contents of the Preferences/, Snippets/, and Syntaxes/ directories of this repo into the directory you just created.
  4. Restart Sublime Text.


/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles

TextMate 2

You can install this bundle in TextMate 2 by opening the preferences and going to the bundles tab. After installation it will be automatically updated for you.


To aid theming, here's a list of what each Twig element is scoped to.

    {{ }}:
        Tag:       punctuation.section.tag.twig
        Scope:     meta.tag.template.value.twig
    {% %}:
        Tag:       punctuation.section.tag.twig
        Scope:     meta.tag.template.block.twig
    {# #}:         comment.block.twig
        {{ }}:     meta.tag.inline.any.html meta.tag.template.value.twig
        {% %}:     meta.tag.inline.any.html meta.tag.template.block.twig
    Language:      constant.language.twig
    Numeric:       constant.numeric.twig
    Arithmetic:    keyword.operator.arithmetic.twig
    Assignment:    keyword.operator.assignment.twig
    Bitwise:       keyword.operator.bitwise.twig
    Comparison:    keyword.operator.comparison.twig
    Logical:       keyword.operator.logical.twig
    Other:         keyword.operator.other.twig
Objects:           variable.other.twig
Properties:        variable.other.property.twig
        Dot:       punctuation.separator.property.twig
            Begin: punctuation.section.array.begin.twig
            End:   punctuation.section.array.end.twig
    Single:        string.quoted.single.twig
    Double:        string.quoted.double.twig
Arrays:            meta.array.twig
        Begin:     punctuation.section.array.begin.twig
        End:       punctuation.section.array.end.twig
    Separator:     punctuation.separator.object.twig
Hashes:            meta.hash.twig
        Begin:     punctuation.section.hash.begin.twig
        End:       punctuation.section.hash.end.twig
    Separator:     punctuation.separator.object.twig
        Keys:      punctuation.separator.key-value.twig
Keywords:          keyword.control.twig

Functions:         support.function.twig
        Begin:     punctuation.definition.parameters.begin.twig
        End:       punctuation.definition.parameters.end.twig
    Arguments:     meta.function.arguments.twig
Filters:           support.function.twig
        Begin:     punctuation.definition.parameters.begin.twig
        End:       punctuation.definition.parameters.end.twig
    Arguments:     meta.function.arguments.twig
    User-Defined:  meta.function-call.other.twig
Macros:            meta.function-call.twig