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the Open Source, 3D printed water pipe
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Bubbles, the Open Source, 3D printed water pipe.

You need:
	-3D printed parts
	-Mason jar, 16 oz capacity
	-One sachet of Sugru or something else, I dunno
	-Hot glue gun, or more Sugru
	-One length of some tubing, ID 5/16"
		-you can get different tubing, but you need to change the scad file and make new STLs to print
	-One glass bowl/slide
		-with the connecting end about 13mm in diameter
1. Test fit all the 3D parts together and especially the lid on the jar
2. Roll your Sugru into a long snake about 200mm long
3. Press this snake into the space inside the lid between the threads and the ring. See the pic lid.jpg
4. Screw the Sugru-ed lid onto the mason jar to shape the Sugru into a seal, as seen in lid.jpg
5. Remove the lid, check out the sweet groove. The Sugru needs to set for 24 hours before you can use it
6. Hot glue/Sugru a seal around the bottom parts of the slide holder and the top of the perc and install in the lid. 
	These need to be airtight 
7. Press fit the tubing on to the smaller slide holder bit. See assembly.jpg
8. Wait 24 hours for the Sugru to set
9. Add water, slide, and bud
10. Enjoy

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