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Command-line access to google translate and some other features
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Google translate script. It gives you easy access to Google Translate in your terminal:

Installation step by step:

    1. download one of the version Perl ( or Bash (translate and
    1. install requirements
    1. execute command: $ chmod +x translate
    1. add to ~/.bash_aliases: alias t="/home/user/"
    1. (optional) edit options section in script or translate for your taste (choose language detection scema)
$ t die unbekannten Sprache
	Language: German
$ t -l
	de	German
$ alias tde="t -s de -t en"
$ tde "die unbekannten Sprache"
	the unknown language

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  • - Perl5 version. Google translate only.
  • translate - Bash version. Good for English dictionary.
  • - optional plugin for bash version.

Perl version

get perl version:

$ wget
$ chmod +x


  • perl5 >= v5.16
  • perl JSON
  • perl Clone
  • perl LWP::Protocol::socks -if you need socks proxy
  • mplayer or mpg123 -for sound


  • Windows support(planned),
  • translated text,
  • fixed text with highlight,
  • language detection,
  • dictionary,
  • translit,
  • google text-to-speach

There is two systems for detection of direction($FIRST_LANG to $SECOND_LANG or vice versa):

  • Simple detection of direction. First it search Latin or Russian symbols and decide. If not found it use $source = 'auto'; $target = 'en';
  • Advanced detection of direction. ALD=1;

Bash version - extended support for english and german, urban dictionary


  • UTF-8 support for required languages
  • curl >= 7.21.0
  • SpiderMonkey or nodejs
  • mpg123 for playing pronunciation For Debian sid: #apt-get install curl spidermonkey-bin html2text mpg123 For Debian jessie: #apt-get install curl nodejs html2text mpg123 For FreeBSD: #pkg install curl spidermonkey24 html2text mpg123
  • account for pronunciation
  • optional:, perl HTML-Tree (see URBAN_DICTIONARY)


  • translated text,
  • fixed text with highlight,
  • language detection,
  • dictionary,
  • translit,
  • execution without parameters will translate fixed string for 1-2 words
  • prompt mode
  • requery with fixed

for english:

  • phrases, forms, ideom, transcription, audio pronunciation
  • cache for words
  • saving english words to file for learning
  • urban dictionary

for german:

  • transcription

for convenience. Add to ~/.bash_aliases:

  • alias t="/home/user/"
  • alias ts="/home/user/translate -S"


  • -s Source language (can be "auto")
  • -t Target language (can't be)
  • -l List of languages
  • -h Help


  • t -s auto -t en 母亲
  • cat file | t -

Debian Cyrillic support in tty shell:

    1. #dpkg-reconfigure locales
  • Install en_US.utf8, ru_RU.utf8
    1. #dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
  • Install . Combined - latin slavic Cyrillic; Greek

command line google translate command-line translator linux debian gentoo fedora mint ubuntu text-based languages

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