Adjusts screen color temperature
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Adjusts screen color temperature, similar to f.lux, and redshift.

Primary differences from its competitors:

  • One-shot only - suited for instant temperature changes or scheduled via cron
  • Simple - no location-based automatic temperature shifting
  • iOS support (requires jailbroken iDevice)


Required software:

  • CMake (>=2.6, compilation only)
  • GCC or Clang (compilation only)
  • One of these:
    • X11, with support for the Xf86VM extension (header files needed for compilation)
    • iOS >= 4


If you wish to compile for iOS, check the wiki for instructions.


mkdir build
cd build

cmake ..

The generated program will be located in build/src/openlux. If you wish to install:

sudo make install


Run openlux -h for a list of command-line options.

openlux                      # Sets the screen color temperature to 3400K (the default)
openlux -k 1000              # Sets the color temperature to 1000K
openlux -k 2000 -b 0         # Sets color temperature to 2000K, but removes all blue light
openlux -k 2000 -b 255       # Ditto, but blue is set to 255 (maximum value, gives the screen a magenta-ish tone)
openlux -r 130 -g 150 -b 100 # Gives the screen a dark swamp green tint (Kelvin value is ignored)
openlux -k 40000             # Sets the screen color temperature to 40000K
openlux -i                   # Resets the screen color temperature
openlux -a 10800000 -d 60000 -k 2000
                             # Ramps the color temperature gradually to 2000K over 3 hours (10800000 msecs) in
                             # steps of 1 minute (60000 msecs)

I personally like using openlux -k 10000 during the day (very relaxing for the eyes!), and openlux -k 2300 -b 40 during the night.