XtendWeb is a cPanel nginx plugin providing high performance nginx webstack, brute force mitigation,bad bot mitigation, multi datacenter web server clustering and a Free alternative to CloudLinux
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Worlds most easiest Nginx config wizard that fits on top of cPanel control panel

Power of Nginx on the fingertips of each cPanel user

Simple Bootstrap UI

Ability to select between Native nginx mode or PROXY to httpd on a per domain basis

A large number of configuration template supplied to work with a lot of web applications

Ability to select any version of PHP,HHVM,Python,NodeJS,Ruby

Tomcat and ColdFusion support

Ability to host applications on domain or sub-directory of the domain

Brute Force mitigation out of the box

Bad bot mitigation using test_cookie module

mod_security v3

ngx_pagespeed, brotli


Worlds simplest solution to scale your web application horizontally

Automated deployment/upgrade via Ansible Automation

File Replication via Unison

Config Replication via Ansible/Csync2

Auto setup of DNS Round-Robin LoadBalancing

MariaDB master-master replication and query routing via MaxScale

All Communication is encrypted making it suitable to deploy over Internet across providers or Data Center

Cluster can be deployed by people with no technical knowhow

Use of simple user level applications ensures issue can be fixed easily as a common issue with complex clustering solution is downtime happening due to complexity of the stack and MurPhy's law acting upon when things really go wrong


24x7 Product support via Email with License purchase

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