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How hard could it be? ;-)


chaOS logo chaOS

The useless, ugly and pointless OS (will-have-been-)made by a kid who thinks she's cool

The state right now:

  • loads (almost-bare-metal) ELF binaries (compiled as PIEs and linked with my ld script)
  • supports syscalls, but right now they can't take arguments (that is a TODO, along with a userspace library :D)
  • preemptive multitasking (with a simple round robin scheduler) (yay!)
  • can be easily ported to (at least) all Cortex MCUs, right now it works on M0 and a port to M4 is on the way
  • written from scratch, including the hardware abstraction layer (CMSIS is slow and ugly!) and the needed parts of libc (why not? :D)

The truth: it can blink LEDs and needs only 1805 SLOC to do that! :P

Note: the Cortex-M4 tree is out of date and won't compile, I'll fix that when I can.

Unless you are interested in what I think I know and what I think I should do, do not read any further. Also, if you think what I think I know is wrong, please please please let me know.


Right now I have a STM32F051R8 MCU (on a Discovery board). That might or might not change in the future.

No Cortex-M MCUs have an MMU. The M4 is the only one with an MPU (so yes, my current HW or anything I could easily upgrade to won't have virtual memory, and my current HW won't have any form of memory protection (which makes all the user-mode stuff somewhat useless, but hey, it's just for learning purposes.)) Using a CPU instead of an MCU sounds scary to me, so I am planning to live with that.


  • figure out:

    • how to run two things without an MMU
    • where to run my programs from and how to do it (flash/RAM/external data storage?)
  • crosscompiler for bare metal target (arm-none-eabi-*)

  • blink LEDs

  • find out how to setup remote debugging with gdb

  • blink LEDs with complete understanding and control of what happened

    • write a correct ld script
    • avoid the library (note: is that NIH or is it actually a good idea for a change?)
  • communication with SD card ...

  • make a separate binary (ELF), get it in there, parse it and run it

  • non-preemptive multitasking that actually works (i.e. deals correctly with the stack, etc.)

  • run PIEs

  • crosscompiler for chaOS target (arm-chaos-eabi-*) - see

  • syscalls! (sort of)

  • context switching, preemptive multitasking !!!

  • make it do something cool

issues (TODO move to Github's issues :D)

  • syscalls with arguments => process management syscalls

  • compile with -Wstrict-aliasing=2 and see what it says

  • add restrict all over the place (specifically: memcpy)

  • const-correctness (but not const-overcorrectness)

  • inc/ subdir is stupid -- move those things somewhere smarter

  • centralized errno.h

  • move isr.h somewhere smart

  • instruction_sync_barrier etc does not belong to nvic.h

  • maybe: use forward declarations for scary structs

  • static_assert

  • real hardfault handler

  • cslibc: memcpy, memcmp etc need to copy words instead of bytes where they can

  • nvic: make interrupt the first parameter everywhere

  • nvic docs don't mention whether smaller numbers are high priority or not


This kid wants to make an OS!



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