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Check it out:

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Awesome Songbook Web App. Wheeeee!

A neat, mobile-friendly, and human-friendly songbook + sheet music organizer written as an offline web app.

Main Features

  • almost paper-like feeling, in being minimal - no distractions
  • makes use of the fact that it is not paper (e.g. built-in transposition or powerful search)
  • easy to use and convenient for both me and a less computer-savvy person
  • works offline
  • works across all devices with modern browsers

Actually implemented main features

  • chords and sheet music display
  • transposing (both chords and sheet music)
  • awesome search (work in progress, but it is already quite good)
  • nice URLs

Notably not-implemented-but-planned features:

  • adding your songs & creating your own songbooks :D
  • offline usage
  • recursive search -- searching inside sub-songbooks
  • syncing view across devices (as when there is a lot of people, manually syncing several computers to show the same thing becomes annoying)

When will you add support for X?

Not before my exam period is over (i.e. middle of February). I should have some time to work on this afterwards.

You can speed up the process by submitting pull requests ;-)


Development Quick Start

Note: This is the web front-end. The backend/API is AnotherKamila/songbook-api.

  • requires node.js and npm
  • install dependencies: npm install
  • dev server: run npm start, open localhost:8000/ and enjoy continuous rebuild-and-automatic-reload-with-sourcemaps-and-everything!
  • It will attempt to connect to the backend at the URL written in config.js.