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JS toolbox for astronomical software interoperation based on samp.js


AstroTools depends on jQuery and modified sampjs library, so first you must include them

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/samp.js"></script>

Then astrotools library itself:

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/astrotools.js"></script>

And do not forget css file ( which you can customize )

	<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/astrotools.css" />

After document is loaded, you can configure and start Astrotools just like this

<script type="text/javascript">
	$( function() {
		AstroTools.tableId = 'data';

Startup options

You can pass options object to initialization function:

AstroTools.init({ iconUrl: '/media/images/icon.png });
  • iconUrl absolute or relative path to client icon to display in hub window

  • defaultHubUrl absolute or relative path to default hub ( .jnlp file to load and launch )

  • appendToBody boolean, true (default) — AstroTools would create HTML for its UI, false — you carry for AstroTools UI

  • tableOptions object which passed to Table constructor options argument

  • VOMenu a list of launchers shown in AstroTools panel, default is

    [ { name: 'aladin', title: 'launch Aladin', link: '' }, { name: 'topcat', title: 'launch Topcat', link: '' } ]

  • aladinScript an aladin script which will be send by coordinate cell handler, default is

    get Aladin(DSS2) #{coords} 15arcmin;sync;"UCAC3, #{name}" = get VizieR(UCAC3,allcolumns) #{coords} #{radius}arcmin;sync;set "UCAC3, #{name}" shape=triangle color=red

where #{coords}, #{name} and #{radius} are placeholders. IMPORTANT: To be able send scripts to aladin, you must use included in distribution jnlp file as default hub. JSAMP hub used in Topcat restricts by default unknown MTypes, so it is necessary to run it with -web:norestrictmtypes key.

e.g. customizing table headings sort icons

var tOptions = { sortIcon: { asc: '<img src="up.png"/>', desc: '<img src="down.png"/>' } };
AstroTools.init({ tableOptions: tOptions })


Table class

var t = new AstroTools.Table( tableId, options )

makes possible to add sorting, row highlighting and point at coordinates through SAMP connection.


  • sortIcon Object with keys asc and desc, used for indicate sorting in table headings.

For example, you have table

<table id="myAwesomeTable">

First, your table has to be correctly marked

  1. Table tag must have following attributes with appropriate values:
  • data-vo-table-id
  • data-vo-table-name
  • data-vo-table-url
  1. Don't miss thead and tbody tags

Column sorting feature

allows to sort columns by clicking on column headings, markup you need for this:

  1. Table headings must be in th tags, with possible attribute data-type ( valid values are 'string', 'numerical', 'sexagesimal', 'astronomical-object-name' ), used for sorting ( default assuming that column has 'numerical' data-type )

Row highlighting feature

allows to highlight rows in table by mouse on page and on samp-clients subscribed on 'table.highlight.row' message, also receives such messages and shows selected rows. To make it work you need:

  1. Every row ( tr tag ) must have data-index attribute

Coordinate cell handler

allows to show point at the sky in sky atlases like Aladin. It needs:

  1. Coordinate columns must be marked through class coords in col tag
  2. Row ( tr tag ) must have attributes
  • data-coords e.g. "11:14:20.2 -57:33:04"
  • data-name
  • data-radius e.g. "12.600"

Just define id of your table before initialization:

AstroTools.tableId = 'myAwesomeTable';

And after connection to hub you will receive all features described above.

Markup Example

<table id="myAwesomeTable"
 data-vo-table-name="Some Catalog"
	<col class="coords">
		<th data-type="string">Name</th>
		<th data-type="sexagesimal">Coordinates</th>
<tr data-index="0" data-coords="06:07:27.8 +24:05:53" data-name="NGC 2158" data-radius="13.500">

Table Links

You can add class at-table-link to any hyperlink making it broadcastable after connection. You must also define data-vo-table-id and data-vo-table-name attributes.

Markup Example

<a class="at-table-link" data-vo-table-id="123456" href="" data-vo-table-name="Exampe table">Table</a>

Contact me, if you still have a question.


JS toolbox for astronomical software interoperation based on samp.js






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