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Jets of Time: An Open Ended Chrono Trigger Randomizer

Version: 3.1.1

Date: January 17, 2022


Online generator:



IMPORTANT: Read the files in the guides folder and Known Bugs.txt before playing.


Jets of Time is a remake of Wings of Time, intended to create faster seeds while taking more liberties with the gameplay. The progression has been altered greatly, and seeds can usually be beat within the 2:30:00 mark. The gameplay is still mostly classic Chrono Trigger, so being good at the base game helps a lot.


Windows users can directly run the provided .exe, Mac and Linux users should run with Python 3.0 or above in the sourcefiles folder. A GUI is provided, but you can choose to run it in commandline mode by typing -c.

If on commandline mode, either enter the location of the ROM or drag and drop it into the window. Follow the onscreen instructions afterwards.

Lastly, if you're having trouble running the executable, you can try using the online seed generator.


Designers: Anskiy, Abyssonym, Pseudoarc, Anguirel

Developers: Anskiy, Abyssonym, Myself086, Anguirel, FutureForce14, gameboyf9, Pseudoarc

Technical Assistance: Mauron, Myself086, Lagolunatic, Pseudoarc

Notable Testers: Muppetsinspace, MisterLichTV, TheBigSalarius, proccy, boozewizard, Korenth, Taco Hero, silverneo, many others(Sorry if I forgot your name!)

Guides: MisterLichTV, TrintonGL