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Second iteration of my personal website, built with Gatsby and hosted on Netlify.


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Personal Website v2

My personal website, built with Gatsby and hosted on Netlify.

Visit here:



# 1. Install the Gatsby CLI & Yarn package manager if you haven't
npm install -g gatsby-cli yarn

# 2. Clone this repository
git clone
cd personal-site-v2/

# 3. Install dependencies

# 4. Start the development server
gatsby develop

Production Preview

# 1. Build static assets
gatsby build

# 2. Preview the deployed site in localhost
gatsby serve

What's New in v2?

v2 is mostly a re-implementation of my v1 Personal Website, which is created using HTML, Sass & Javascript. v2 includes minor improvements on the website design and accessibility.

Here are a few reasons why I re-implemented it using Gatsby:

  • Increase maintainability because:
    • I can add/edit website content using markdown files instead of directly editing the HTML code
    • Components are split into their own JSX files
  • Since I'll add a blog section in the future, using a static site generator makes a lot of sense
  • To get more familiar with the Gatsby framework

Special Thanks

The website design and this repo's structure are greatly inspired by Brittany Chiang's personal website (GitHub repo). You should definitely check out her site 😄