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  • The test set in paper "Large-scale Opinion Relation Extraction with Distantly Supervised Neural " [2017 EACL].

  • Reviews are from Amazon datasets (4 domains: Phone, Movie, Food and Pet).

  • The annotation tool is brat, and the data follows brat's format.


Both the raw text (sentence split and word tokenized) and annotations are provied for each review:

  • review_%d.txt: a raw review text. Each row is a sentence.

  • review_%d.ann: an annotation file for review_%d.txt:

    • Each row is an annotation, which could be an opinion target, an opinion expression or a relation.

    • An opinion target row (opinion expression is similar) contains three fields (separated by tab): T%d``\t``OpinionTarget left right``\t``RawString.

      • T%d: id of the target.
      • OpinionTarget left right: offsets in the plain text.
      • RawString: raw string of the opinion target.
    • A relation row contains two fields:

      • R%d: id of the relation.
      • Arg1:T%d: id of the opinion expression.
      • Arg2:T%d: id of the opinion target.
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