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See the "karayom" branch for the story details that used to be written here.


  • Add a 'git pull' step to villager 'git push' interactions.
  • Display loading screen after intro, while map is being parsed; absorb clicks during this time. Background-load map?
  • Have some animation on intro text, e.g. characters being displayed as if typed
  • Respond to drags even when they go outside the viewport.
  • When spoken to, Linus should (sometimes) repeat the mission he just sent you on, e.g., "What are you waiting for? Go talk to them!"
  • Add (very brief) gameplay instructions to the intro screen.
  • The various "git push" interactions produce multiple entries on the task list, when they should produce only one.
  • When the player earns coins; there should be a dialog saying "You earned X coins" or similar.
  • Some of the later interactions don't refer the player to the next one.
  • Interactions involving multiple questions should be resumable from just before the last incorrectly-answered one.
  • Implement Linus helping the player when the player is stuck.
  • Make sure task list updates only happen when NPCs mention the corresponding task.

  • [DONE] Question menus should explain how to use them

  • [DONE] Display "click/tap to continue" on dialogs when relevant
  • [DONE] Some question menus are missing questions.
  • [DONE] Increase size of "Delete game" icons.
  • [DONE] Block other interactions while a question menu or dialog is open
  • [DONE] Don't abbreviate name anymore.
  • [DONE] Increase size of icons indicating that an NPC has an interaction.
  • [DONE] Camera should center on Linus at the start of the game.
  • [DONE] Music should be disabled by default.
  • [DONE] Talking to villagers should be done by clicking on them, rather than beside them.
  • [DONE] Name entry screen displays incorrectly; see
  • [DONE] In question menu, prefix each answer with e.g. "A.", "B.", "C.". Allow keyboard input to select answer. Repeat question in terse form at the top of the message bar.
  • [DONE] The various "git push" interactions produce multiple entries on the task list, when they should produce only one.
  • [DONE] Add Intro screen.
  • [DONE] Count of earned coins should be displayed somewhere.

Bugs from the old design, potentially still relevant

  • Make pathing work even when NPCs move.
  • Improve performance in Firefox.
  • Volume controls don't work on ipad.
  • Add support for IE.