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A collection of themes, templates, and wiki directive pages for ikiwiki. For an example of the theme, look at antportal



Directory containing templates that are not shipped with ikiwiki. We use this template to manage our TODOs (as an issue tracker, see [ikiwiki issue tracker](]] for justification)).


Directory containing themes (both SASS files and complied CSS, the last one for convenience only).

local.css is the modified version that makes ikiwiki look better (in my opinion). local.scss is the source file used (see sass how to obtain the compiler).


Directory containing an example that can be used to tweak/configure your own theme. style.css comes with ikiwiki. To use a specific theme, copy the .scss theme into this directory (or .css if you prefer), run sass (or not) and visit wiki.html to test.


The bare minimum is given here. For a much more indepth and comprehensive installation instructions got the source: ikiwiki.


Move the template to your template directory. For example,


For template usage, see ikiwiki templates.


Move the local.css to your theme directory. For example (if you don't want to modify your ikiwiki.setup file) you can move it (and override the presumably empty) to


Finally, run sudo ikiwiki --setup /etc/ikiwiki/ikiwiki.setup


A collection of themes, templates, and wiki directive pages for ikiwiki



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