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Lembrame logo

Antergos official tool to save your current settings like installed apps, extensions, themes etc, and allow you to reinstall your system with this data within our installer Cnchi.


  • Gjs (Main language)
  • Gnome Shell >= 3.24
  • Python >= 3.3 (encryption script)
  • Libnacl # python-libnacl # ( (libsodium wrapper - encryption - python library)
  • DConf

What it will begin doing

  • Starting just with Gnome in mind. Add more enviroments later.
  • [Done] Sync your .bashrc
  • [Done] Sync your org.gnome.schell schema (enabled-extensions, favorite-apps, extension settings)
  • [Done] Sync your Shell theme
  • [Done] Sync your icon theme
  • [Done] Sync your GTK theme
  • [Done] Sync your desktop background
  • [Done] Sync your screensaver background (gdm)
  • [Done] Sync your explicitly installed packages (pacman)
  • [Done] Zip and encrypt all the previous files (libsodium)
  • [Done] Generate an unique code
  • [Done] Upload to a webservice in Antergos servers

Big TODO's

  • Ensure that all tasks are completed as expected
  • Do not block the main thread while executing the tasks
  • Show a pulsed progress bar for the point before
  • Show the last screen with the unique code only when the upload completes and everything is OK
  • Allow to send your userID and unique code to your email
  • Allow to re-do the sync

What would be the perfect evolution for this

  • Creation of an Antergos account where this tool can sync all this content frequently. Everything with client side encryption
  • Allow the user to specifically choose which things to sync
  • Having a personal account, we could add some private stuff
    • Wifi passwords
    • Name and picture
    • etc
  • Cnchi (Antergos installer) would ask you if you want to configure your installation with your Antergos account.
  • Modify our login system to allow Antergos account sign in "Windows 10 style" (not sure if 100% possible)
  • I guess we would have to charge for this service to pay the servers. At least for some of the features.

Build the tool

  • Run meson '''meson . _build'''
  • Run ninja '''ninja -C _build'''
  • Install files with ninja '''sudo ninja install -C _build'''
  • Run Lembrame '''com.antergos.Lembrame'''
  • Uninstall with ninja '''sudo ninja -C _build uninstall'''