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antient ancient
authoritie authority
Bee\ it Be\ it
beene been
Berwicke Berwick
certifie certify
cloathing clothing
compleating completing
coyn coin
coyned coined
Crowne Crown
Declareing Declaring
dureing during
effectuall effectual
Guldeford Guildford
houshold household
joynt joint
kalendar calendar
Kingdome Kingdom
lawfull lawful
Liverpoole Liverpool
lunatick lunatic
Lunatick Lunatic
lunaticks lunatics
Lunaticks Lunatics
Majestie Majesty
Majestyes Majesties
nusances nuisances
onely only
Parlyament Parliament
publick public
Publick Public
Raigne Reign
Realme Realm
recoyned recoined
reduceing reducing
regall regal
Regall Regal
rescous rescues
returne return
Royall Royal
Setleing Settling
sollicitors solicitors
Spirituall Spiritual
Surry Surrey
Survivour Survivor
Temporall Temporal
Towne Town
Tweede Tweed
uncontrouled uncontrolled
wholsome wholesome
yeare year