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Chrome extension providing many features to gain productivity on StackOverflow
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StackOverflow Power User

StackOverflow Power User is a free and open-source Google Chrome extension for every developer that spend time on StackOverflow website. It helps finding the best answer rapidly, and improve the way you navigate through the website.

Here are the main features :

  • Show answers sidebar (with vote counts) & inform you if you have previously upvoted an answer
  • Show indicator when there's a better answer than the accepted one
  • Show indicator when there isn't any answer to the question
  • Auto-scroll to first answer
  • Navigate through answers with keyboard arrow keys (left/right)
  • Auto expand votes count & Show answer score (in percent)
  • Bring scrolling behavior to vote buttons, so that you still see them even on long posts
  • Expand all comments automatically when performing CMD/Ctrl + F
  • Hide the new StackOverflow left sidebar that takes so much space for useless links
  • Hide elements from StackOverflow right sidebar to prevent distraction

Download on Chrome Web Store

StackOverflow Power User is available via the official Chrome Web Store.

Install from source

  1. Clone the repository locally on your computer.
  2. On Chrome, navigate to chrome://extensions/ and enable "Developer mode" in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the Load unpacked extension... button.
  4. Select the directory in which you have cloned the repository and confirm.

It should open the Settings page, indicating successful installation. You can now make changes to the code, and click the Refresh arrow on chrome://extensions/ to load your changes.


Contributions are very welcome. Feel free to submit pull requests for new features and bug fixes. You can also create an issue if you want me to add a feature or fix a bug.


This extension has been written by Anthonin Cocagne.

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