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ServiceStack.Text JSON serialization support for NodaTime v2. This library will work with v5.0 and later versions of ServiceStack.Text and ServiceStack.Text.Core.

Typical Setup


Optional Setup

There are static extension methods to allow for optional fluent configuration.

Use Iso Interval Serializer


Use Iso Period Serializer


One-Off Serializer Setup

//You could create you own serializer by implementing IServiceStackSerializer<T>

Alternatively, you can create your own implementation of INodaSerializerSettings to suit your specific needs.

Default Serializers

The SerivceStack.Text serializer uses the same default serialization formats as those used in the Json.NET serializers. You can optionally change the Interval serializer to use the ISO 8601 Interval spec.


  • Serializer setup should only occur once in your application root.
  • Serialization setup should occur before any serialization occurs with ServiceStack.Text or there may be undesirable behavior.
  • If using with ServiceStack, serializer setup should occur before Init of the AppHost.
  • For Value types, this will also setup the nullable serializer for that value type.
  • Since this is a custom serializer for ServiceStack.Text, calls to JsConfig.Reset() will remove the custom serializers.

Using the Code

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Special Thanks to JetBrains and CodeBetter for hosting this project!