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Apr 8, 2020



This is a port of the themes in vim-airline to emacs powerline.



  • Separate colors for each major evil mode (normal, insert, visual, replace, emacs)
  • Can set Helm colors
  • Can set the current cursor color based on the current airline theme
  • Works nicely in the gui or terminal



  • powerline
  • evil (optional but recommended)

Install via melpa or clone this repo into your load-path and add the following to your init.el

(require 'airline-themes)
(load-theme 'airline-light t)

If you don't load a theme in your init.el then the default mode-line-format doesn't get set at startup and applying a theme may not look right. If things don't look right after applying a theme run airline-themes-set-modeline or (kill-local-variable 'mode-line-format)) and it should apply the styling to the current buffer.

Custom Options

Run M-x customize-group airline-themes to see and set all options with suggestions. Here are all the options for copy-pasting:

;; Hide Evil and buffer state on inactive buffers.
;; Valid Values: t (hidden), nil (shown)
(setq airline-hide-state-on-inactive-buffers t)

;; "Hide eyebrowse indicator on inactive buffers.
;; Valid Values: t (hidden), nil (shown)"
(setq airline-hide-eyebrowse-on-inactive-buffers t)

;; Hide vc branch on inactive buffers:
;; Valid Values: t (hidden), nil (shown)
(setq airline-hide-vc-branch-on-inactive-buffers nil)

;; Set eshell prompt colors to match the airline theme.
;; Valid Values: t (enabled), nil (disabled)
(setq airline-eshell-colors t)

;; Set helm colors to match the airline theme.
;; Valid Values: t (enabled), nil (disabled)
(setq airline-helm-colors t)

;; Set the cursor color based on the current evil state.
;; Valid Values: t (enabled), nil (disabled)
(setq airline-cursor-colors t)

;; Display the currend directory along with the filename.
;; Valid Values: 'airline-directory-full
;;               'airline-directory-shortened
;;               nil (disabled)
(setq airline-display-directory nil)

;; Max directory length to display when using 'airline-directory-shortened
(setq airline-shortened-directory-length 30)

;; Unicode character choices
(setq airline-utf-glyph-separator-left #xe0b0
      airline-utf-glyph-separator-right #xe0b2
      airline-utf-glyph-subseparator-left #xe0b1
      airline-utf-glyph-subseparator-right #xe0b3
      airline-utf-glyph-branch #xe0a0
      airline-utf-glyph-readonly #xe0a2
      airline-utf-glyph-linenumber #x2630)

;; You may also wish to force powerline to use utf8 character separators
(setq powerline-default-separator 'utf-8)
(setq powerline-utf-8-separator-left  #xe0b0
      powerline-utf-8-separator-right #xe0b2)

Glyph Variables

The airline-utf-glyph-* variables control which UTF glyphs are used on the modeline. They require a powerline patched font. Head over to if you need one.

Depending on your font, you may need to set the correct glyph character. If your font characters don't look right try running M-x customize-group airline-themes and choose some characters that look right with your font. Some default options have been added so you can pick what looks good.


Head over to All Theme Screenshots for preview images.

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