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Gameduino Terminal for BlackIce


  • [X] Configure BlackIce board from the SD card
  • [X] 8x8 font, 34 lines, 60 characters per line
  • [X] Configurable amount of history
  • [ ] 8x16 VGA font
  • [ ] 16 color escape sequences

Dev environment setup

  • Download and Install Arduino
  • Follow setup instructions for STM32L4 build environment
  • Add Arduino support for the BlackIce board
    • Under Preferences in the Arduino IDE, append to the Additional Board Manager URLs the URL
    • Open the Boards Manager from the Tools>Board: menu and type “mystorm” into the search box to find and select “MyStorm by Richard Miller”. Select the most recent version and Install.
    • Under Tools>Board: you should now be able to select “myStorm BlackIce” from the list of boards.
    • Once the board is selected, BlackIce-specific options will appear on the Tools menu to configure serial port, USB and SD card.
  • Install Gameduino2 Library to ~/Arduino/libraries/Gameduino2
    • For convenience a zip file is included in this repo.

Where to get the hardware

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