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A fun project running on a Raspberry Pi with an IR camera and a variety of sensors.
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Ghost Detector

Ghost Detector

This project is the code for my DIY ghost detector. It runs on a Raspberry Pi using the NOIR camera to record video and take pictures with overlaid sensor data.

You can see the full build on my blog:


  • BMP180 for barometric pressure and temperature
  • HMC5883L magnometer
  • Arduino Nano used as an EMF sensor
  • RH Electronics Geiger Counter Board

Videos and pictures are saved to a USB flash drive

Raspberry Pi python code is in the Main directory Arduino EMF sensor code in the EMF directory.

UI is built on Tkinter library

Required libraries

  • picamera - Python interface for RasPi camera.
  • Tkinter - GUI library for python.
  • PyAudio - Audio I/O Library.
  • MP4Box - Library for encoding video files.


Anthony DiPilato,


All code is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for info.

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