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ESP8266 Micropython driver for SSD1306 OLED 128x64 display.

font5x7.fnt is a 5 x 7 font file. It holds the font in pure binary and so uses only 480 bytes When the display needs a character it reads the five bytes it needs from the file rather than loading the whole font into memory converts a 24-bit BITMAP file to a displayed image. Although this is a colour format, the image must be black and white. is not my work. It came from here

icon.bmp is the bitmap that is displayed in Be aware there is cuerrently no positioning, size check or resizing.

invoke the display with:

from SSD1306 import SSD1306

if you use different pins then you will need to specify these in the inital call

d = PCD8544()


d.init_display() # displays the Project Pages logo

d.clear() # clears the display buffer

d.display() # writes the buffer to the actual display

d._row is the character row

d._col is the character column


  • puts the character into the display buffer
  • advances _row and _col accordingly. They will wrap back to the top of the screen
  • requires d.display() to show it

d.p_string('hello world')

  • prints the string to the display buffer
  • advances _row and _col accoridngly. They will wrap back to the top of the screen
  • requires d.display() to show it


  • sets a pixel in the display buffer
  • this is for use by the
  • this allows you to draw lines, rectangles, triangles and circles. Filled or not

I have added a that demonstrates the string printing and drawing capabilities


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