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A simple library to read from, and write to, the cheap RTC modules you see on ebay It defaults to using pin 2 for scl and pin 16 for sda, but you can easily change these

Note: With the module that I used, there a two SMD resistors pulling up scl and sda to +5v. You need to remove these and use pullups to 3v3 with the ESP8266. On my module they are R2 and R3.

The main features are:


returns the time as a formatted 'hh:mm:ss' string


retruns the date as a formatted 'dd/mm/yyyy' string

TinyRTC.set_time(ss, mm, hh, dow, dd, MM, yy)

set the clock. After power up the clock will not run until this is executed

I have included a that will show the time and date on a Nokia 5110 using my library

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