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CSSLint ( textmate bundle, requires Node.js
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CSSLint TextMate Bundle

TextMate bundle for CSSLint

This plugin displays a tooltip showing an error and warning count on file save. Errors and warnings are verbosely displayed on ⇧⌘V.

Screenshot - Tooltip on save

Screenshot - Validation screen


  • Pretty UI
  • Highlights critical errors
  • Runs tooltip automatically upon save (⌘S)
  • Validation screen opens on ⇧⌘V
  • Can be bypassed by pressing ⇧⌘S
  • Output is only shown when errors are found
  • Window is automatically closed when it looses focus
  • Based on Node.js


Download the zip file and rename the extracted folder to CSSLint.tmbundle. Double-click.


You need Node.js and TextMate, that's all.

This bundle uses #!/bin/env node to launch the node process. If you get a node - not found error,the PATH variable is probably not setup in TextMate (this happens when you start TextMate via the Finder rather than from the command-line).

You can set the PATH either via Preferences → Advanced → Shell Variables or by editing ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist.

Based on my fork of the JSHint textmate bundle


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