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An IRC client written in Vala

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IRClient is a [graphical] IRC client written in Vala (still not ready for [daily] usage)

Compiling & Running
	1) You're going to need valac installed, if you haven't already - install it
	2) Open up your terminal and cd into the root directory of IRClient
	3) Execute this command without the quotes "valac -o Client *.vala */*.vala --pkg gio-2.0 --pkg gtk+-2.0 --pkg gee-1.0"
	4) Run IRClient with ./Client

	* Anti (Anti- on GitHub) for lead development
	* max (mrtrop on GitHub) for GTK interface
	* sam/Stanley (sam0 on GitHub) for testing (and [possible] future development)
	* nemequ on Vala's IRC channel for assistance with errors
Currently in development as of Oct. 10, 2012
	* joinChannel method in ClientBase class
	* Channel configuration reading
	* Asynchronous functions
	* Graphical interface
	* Method comments so readers/developers know what's going on

Current bugs
	* Only one network gets connected to if there are multiple network-autojoin configurations and/or read off
	* Channels are not joined (only applies to auto-join channels)
	* Sometimes a segmentation fault may occur and/or extreme lag
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