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GitHub Reflog

Welcome to The GitHub Reflog archive. The Reflog is a weekly chronicle of awesome repos, published on the GitHub blog, brought to you by Kenneth Reitz, one of the classy gentlemen behind The Changelog and a ton of open source projects.

This archive is also available in Russian, thanks to Alexander Marshalov!


sha ref url rst
697335d HEAD@{0} v1.5.16 r1.5.16
727a054 HEAD@{1} v1.4.20 r1.4.20
6243f56 HEAD@{2} v1.4.12 r1.4.12
5d7cfdb HEAD@{3} v1.4.04 r1.4.04
efdef99 HEAD@{4} v1.3.28 r1.3.28
eb73418 HEAD@{5} v1.3.21 r1.3.21

Feedback is appreciated! Send any questions, suggestions, and anonymous tips to

For more open source news, check out The Changelog and github/explore.