The NodeUtil Suite - Internode ADSL Usage Meters for Gnome Panel, Avant Window Navigator, and the command line.
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Internode Usage Meters for Linux Systems (Gnome / AWN / Console)

(C)opyright 2011, Dale Maggee. BSD License. See License.txt for details.


Originally Based on Sam Polenhz's GNOME Usage Meter, see:

New Features added from Sam's version:
	- removed hardcoded paths - file locations are detected at runtime
	- back-end has been largely re-written to perform updates asynchronously, giving the possibility of animated icons
	- GUI components have been separated from applets, allowing multiple applets to use the same Interface code
	* new avant window navigator applet!
	* new command-line tool! use it in your bash scripts!
	- more details are retrieved, including your internet IP address, speed, and carrier
	- applets have a 'details' dialog, which shows more detailed information and the history graph
	- Copy your IP to clipboard
	- history graph presets (1y, 30d, 'this billing month')
	- automatic version checking
	* New Hi-res, auto-sizing applet icons!
	* New, more friendly (and hopefully flexible) self-extracting installer!

For Requirements, see the INSTALL file

run 'sudo ./' to install, then kill and restart either gnome-panel or avant-window-navigator, and the applets should become available.

	- fix bugs
	- implement alert system (alerts when you reach a certain usage level)
	- option to disable version checks
	- make timing configurable (settings for 'refresh' and 'refresh if error')
		(current timing: nodeutil updates every 30 minutes, and will retry 
			every 10 minutes if there is an error fetching data.)

	1. (medium-high - AWN Applet only) The AWN applet seems to crash randomly on right-click. The error message will be an X window system error. I have no idea what is causing this, since it seems to be completely random. I'd love to hear ideas on how I can debug this!

	2. (low - GNOME Applet only) The GNOME applet doesn't resize with the panel completely smoothly, and the icon is invisible for panels less than 24px in height. This is due to the gnomeapplet reporting it's size incorrectly, I haven't figured out how to get the proper size of the applet for resizing.