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halloween: an R package for plotting Halloween candy popularity

Welcome to the website for my R package, halloween! This package is created as part of the Advanced Data Science course at in the Biostatistics department at JHSPH. The purpose of this package is to plot the top-ranked halloween candies using data from this FiveThirtyEight blogpost.

plot_candy() function

The main function of this package is called plot_candy. The function takes in the following parameters:

  1. df: The name of the data frame
  2. n: The number of top candies to plot (default is 10)
  3. candy_name_col: The name of the column in the data frame df containing the candy names
  4. rank_col: The name of the column in the data frame df containing the candy rankings

The output of the function is a ggplot object, depicting the top n ranked candies in the dataset.

Using the package

In order to use the package, you must first install it from this GitHub repo, which can be done using the devtools package:


Next, you must load the R package:


Here's an example of how to use the plot_candy() function:

plot_candy(candy_data, candy_name_col = "competitorname", rank_col = "winpercent")

Running the code above will generate the following plot: