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Code Katas

A code kata is an exercise in programming which helps a programmer hone their skills through practice and repetition.

This is what I do in my free time to keep my brain busy! I've talked about this on my blog: Keeping my brain busy in my free time.


Resolution of algorithmic problems from the Codingame platform.

Solved problems:

Easy Medium Hard Expert
ASCII-art APU Roller coaster
Chuck norris Bender Super computer
Defibrillators Conway Sequence Tan Network
File extension Dwarfs standing CGX formatter
Horse racing duals Heat detector
Mars lander Indiana
Onboarding Mayan calculation
Power of Thor Network cabling
Temperatures Paranoid Android
The chasm Scrabble
The descent Skynet
Stock exchange losses
Telephone numbers
The gift

Prologin 2014

Prologin 2015


Rosalind is a platform for learning bioinformatics and programming through problem solving.