API to validate UK bank account numbers, supporting authentication and rate limits
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Modulus checking API

This package is an API to validate UK bank account numbers, supporting authentication and rate limits. This package has been presented in a blog post where you can find instructions to deploy behind Nginx.

What is modulus checking?

Modulus checking is a procedure for validating sort code and account number combinations for UK bank accounts.


  • A working Go installation
  • A Redis server if you want to rate limit requests

Other packages used

For additional documentation, check out these packages I'm using:

Getting started

You can grab this package with the following command:

go get github.com/AntoineAugusti/moduluschecking-api

And then build it using the Makefile:

cd ${GOPATH%/}/src/github.com/AntoineAugusti/moduluschecking-api
make build
cp moduluschecking-api ${GOPATH%/}/bin/moduluschecking-api

Building the package using the Makefile will allow the /heartbeat and /version endpoints to echo the Git hash of the current build and the date of the current build.


From the -h flag:

Usage of ./moduluschecking-api:
  -a string
        address to listen (default ":8080")

API endpoint


Purpose: Check that a UK bank account number is valid.


Expected HTTP headers:

Key Value
Api-Key The value of the API key. The only supported value for now is foo.
Content-Type application/json; charset=UTF-8

JSON payload:




For a status code of 200:

HTTP header key Value
Api-Remaining The number of requests remaining. The current limit is 5 requests / second. Example: 3
Content-Type application/json; charset=UTF-8



Each error is given as a JSON response containing 2 keys (status and message), describing the source of the error. The Content-Type HTTP header is always set to application/json; charset=UTF-8.


  "message":"API rate exceeded. Too many requests."
HTTP status code status value message value
400 invalid_bank_account Expected a 6 digits sort code and an account number between 6 and 10 digits.
401 authorization_required Please provide a HTTP header called Api-Key
422 invalid_json Cannot decode the given JSON payload
429 rate_exceeded API rate exceeded. Too many requests.